Ommie and the Magical Garden

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Author and illustrator:

Sirkka Fisk

reader's age:

Format size: 21x20cm

Pages: 38pp

ISBN: 978-0-9932884-0-1

Price: £5.99

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About the book:

Our mission is to positively impact children through the benefits of yoga, equipping them with tools for life that will enable them to lead a more balanced and happy life.

In ‘Ommie and the Magical Garden’, Ommie finds a gate that leads into an enchanted garden. Here he meets lots of fun animals. He talks to the animals one by one seeking to find out more about this magical place which leads him to an unexpected conclusion.

The aim of each story, as well as to teach new yoga postures, is to help them to understand that happiness doesn’t have to be “purchased”, it can come from within and by simply enjoying the world around them.

The common thread in all our stories is the lead character Ommie, who takes children on adventures which are all based on mindfulness principles, as well as respect for others and our environment.

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