Our Philosophy:

We think children are pretty amazing and passionately believe that the combination of simple yoga movements with imaginative stories can help to improve their physical and emotional wellbeing.

signup-text-in-flower-button We want children to spend time with Ommie so that they can enjoy magical stories and be active at the same time, enjoying all the benefits of yoga in a simple, fun and interactive way. That’s why we’ve launched our first book Ommie and the Magical Garden.

Our guiding principles:

to-make-yoga-fun-text-in-speach-bubble • To make yoga fun! We don’t want children to think yoga is boring, we want to teach and entertain children so that they want to spend time with Ommie. Ultimately we think they should become the ‘experts’ deciding when and how much yoga they do. That also means your time isn’t tied up for hours on end.

to-make-yoga-relvant-text-in-speach-bubble • To make yoga relevant for children. Yoga shouldn’t be difficult to do or to fit into the daily routine. Via different Ommie stories some longer, some shorter, children can learn how yoga can be simple to do every day and start to experience the benefits.

to-be-an-ethical-business-text-in-speach-bubble • To be an ethical business. We want to be a responsible company, being open and honest in everything we do. We want to be sustainable and to minimise our negative impact on the environment whenever possible.

to-help-less-fortunate-children-text-in-speech-bubble • To help less fortunate children. It’s early days yet and we’re still getting our business off the ground, however, as part of making a fair and reasonable profit, we firmly believe that we should give something back to those children who are less fortunate than our own.

The benefits of yoga for children:

Children today are so busy! Whether getting to grips with tons of new ideas, or coping with tests at school, making new friendships or perhaps repairing old ones, growing up can be complicated and sometimes stressful. That’s why we think learning yoga in a fun, interactive way can help them to lead balanced, happier lives.

We’re not the only ones who think yoga for children is a good idea. In schools, where yoga is already part of the daily curriculum, teachers have observed that children are able to concentrate better and experience less stress.

Yoga helps to:

  • promote physical strength and enhances flexibility

  • refine balance and improve co-ordination

  • improve focus and concentration

  • boost self-esteem and confidence

  • strengthen the mind/body connection

  • equip children with tools for a more balanced life

Why Ommie?

We are parents too. Our mission is to positively impact children through the benefits of yoga, equipping them with tools that will enable them to lead a more balanced and happy life.

The common thread in all our stories is the lead character Ommie, who takes children on adventures which are all based on mindfulness principles, as well as respect for others and our environment. We found that children responded better to a ‘character’ helping them with the yoga postures and telling them the story.

ommie-and-the-magical-garden-book-cover The aim of each story, as well as to teach new yoga postures, is to help them to understand happiness doesn’t have to be “purchased”, it can come from within and by simply enjoying the world around them. Ommie and the Magical and the Magical Garden is the first in a range of stories that are aimed at children aged 3 to 7 years. However, we know of a few older ones who love spending time with Ommie too, so there’s no real age limit!

What people say

We’ve been reading Ommie and the Magical Garden to lots of children and here is some of the feedback we’ve received:

“The children were focused and fascinated by the animals in the story, using their whole body to create the positions. This would be a calming story for the older children during summer term to relax and focus them. This is definitely something we will be implementing.”

J. Thomas, Birdham Nursery

“LOVE Ommie and the Magical Garden and my boys loved it too. They were calm, relaxed, followed well and engaged learning why each pose was good for them. We also talked about the story and the bigger picture of life. Brilliant!”

B. Beacham

“Children on the autistic spectrum responded especially well to this book.”

S. Blunden, Ladybirds Nursery

“Beautiful illustrations, wonderful story ideas to make it (yoga) more engaging!”

N. Perry, yoga teacher

“Overall I think this is just wonderful. The boys really enjoyed doing all the movements. I had thought there might be too many to hold interest but they stuck with it and then at the end they asked to do it again, straight away! A lovely concept, beautifully brought to life.”

A. Madden

“All children thoroughly enjoyed the story, can we have some more please!”

4 Plus Nursery East Wittering

“All the children who took part really enjoyed the yoga – a really good idea!”

Lakeview Childcare

“I ended up joining in – hugely positive bonding session.”

Lou E., Kids Yoga Teacher, West Wittering

“I like this book because it’s different to books I’ve seen.”

William age 7

“I really liked this concept and was being observed by my college assessor who also thought it was a great idea! I heard one child remark: ‘This is a good book!”

C. Munday, childminder

“I just wanted to email you to say a massive thank you for bringing this book to the attention of myself and my little 3 year old girl Olivia. She has completely fallen in love with this book and asks me to read it to her every night before bed. Olivia sits on her rug in her bedroom waiting for me to start reading, as soon as the first page is turned she’s getting into the appropriate animal pose. At the end of the book, she climbs into bed and I talk her through the rainbow meditation. She loves it and I feel so proud of her. It makes me feel so happy. I love my mummy yoga time, Olivia knows I love it too. It’s so lovely to be able to share a little piece of me with her. I don’t expect either of my two girls to be interested in my love for yoga. I’d never push it on them, but how lovely and easy it can be shared with them, since now owning “Ommie and The Magical Garden”.

S. Isaacs

“Your book is just lovely. On receiving your book I briefly showed it to my twin girls Charlotte and Isabel. It was placed up on our book shelf and not long after Charlotte (who can become very upset and frustrated quickly) picked up your book, laid on her Dad’s yoga mat, read your book and did the yoga as well. Not only was it fantastic that she self soothed herself but this was her first book she ever read on her own, without any help.”

A. Crisanti, Rainbow Kids Yoga teacher, Adelaide Australia

“Gorgeous illustrations and a sweet introduction to yoga. My daughter is only 2 and she loves flicking through the pages and doing the impressions of all the animals.”

G. F. Brown

“Fantastic yoga book for children – my daughter got straight on the floor mimicking the yoga positions, great story too!”

Richard Phillips

“Excellent delivery service and a beautiful book.”

H. Cornell

Who we are

Sirkka Fisk, creator of Ommie™, spent 4 years with her husband and son living in Brunei, Borneo. While taking a sabbatical from her graphic design business Design Syndicate, she became a certified yoga and Pilates teacher, having been practicing yoga enthusiastically since the late 90’s. When a book ordered online for her son didn’t arrive in time for Christmas, and rather than facing disappointment, she set out to invent a story herself, drawing characters and making it into a picture book just in time for present opening. This was the beginning of the idea forming in her mind, to bring her love of yoga and her passion for design together in one; Ommie was born!

Now Sirkka can allow a little more time for creating story books, and with her unquenchable enthusiasm further series of Ommie books are already in the making.

Philippa Perry has worked in the publishing industry for over 20 years, specialising in children’s books Marketing and PR. She has worked with children’s book writers including Lauren Child, Judith Kerr and Michael Morpurgo for many years, coordinating their events and PR, as well as on PR campaigns for publishers including the Animal Ark series, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events and the successful Ology series. The literacy and educational campaigns she has helped promote include the Children’s Laureate, the Libraries Change Lives Awards and more recently The Wicked Young Writers’ Award.

Caroline O‘Dwyer is a healthcare marketing professional with over 20 years’ experience for large Pharma companies namely Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer. Her expertise includes delivery of effective, integrated marketing and communication campaigns targeting adults, children and healthcare professional audiences. She has worked on developing educational programmes for a range of children’s medicines, for people with diabetes, and for the prevention of heart disease in adults. Having recently relocated from London to the South Coast she continues to work as a Marketing Consultant to the Pharma industry alongside joining the Ommie team. Caroline practices yoga and plays tennis regularly. She likes to make the most of coastal living which includes beach boot camp and learning to surf!

Lee Farrant is a Director of RPM Marketing and sits on the FIG Advisory Board. Lee has spent his life working in photography and sport. Having previously owned a photography business covering football, rugby and cricket as well as the winter and summer Olympics, he then spent five years covering Formula One. He brought this strong and varied experience in sports to RPM in 1996, where he currently works with visual media and sports clients; including Sky Cycling, The England and Wales Cricket Board and The Laureus Sports Foundation.