Imagination. The most powerful tool in every kid’s toolbox. Sprinkle this with Sirkka’s inspiration and you start creating your own ‘Ommie moment’. Whatever the time or place, download colouring pages and yoga poses. Or just join in by watching one of our Ommie yoga videos.

Download free online Ommie colour in yoga activity sheets and worksheets for your kids.

Colouring in is a relaxing exercise that can take your kid’s mind off of other things. The simple act of sitting down and focusing on colouring a picture is a great meditation technique that can help relieve stress and anxiety and help bring about calm and happiness. It's a simple tool that can benefit not just your children, but people of all ages.

'K-I-N-D’ Alphabet yoga colouring worksheets

Yoga practice sheets

Ommie and friends colouring sheets

Colouring and fold your own greeting card