Why do yoga?

Children today are so busy! Whether getting to grips with tons of new ideas, or coping with tests at school, making new friendships or perhaps repairing old ones, growing up can be complicated and sometimes stressful. While what happens in life is often out of our control, we do have the potential to transform the way in which we relate to those things. That’s why we think learning yoga in a fun, interactive way can help kids lead a more balanced and happy life.

What are the benefits?

We’re not the only ones who think yoga for kids is a good idea. In schools, where yoga is already part of the daily curriculum, teachers have observed that children are able to concentrate better and experience less stress.

Yoga helps to:

  • promote physical strength and enhances flexibility
  • refine balance and improve co-ordination
  • improve focus and concentration
  • boost self-esteem and confidence
  • strengthen the mind/body connection
  • equip children with tools for a more balanced life

Why Ommie?

We are parents too. Our mission is to positively impact children through the benefits of yoga, equipping them with tools that will enable them to lead a more balanced and happy life.

The common thread in all our stories is the lead character Ommie, who takes children on adventures which are all based on mindfulness principles, as well as respect for others and our environment. We found that children responded better to a ‘character’ helping them with the yoga postures and telling them the story.


Our philosophy

We passionately believe that the combination of simple yoga movements with imaginative kids yoga stories can help to improve their physical and emotional wellbeing.


We want children to spend time with Ommie so that they can enjoy magical stories and be active at the same time, enjoying all the benefits of yoga in a simple, fun and interactive way. That’s why we’ve launched our first kids yoga book Ommie and the Magical Garden and then Ommie’s Journey into Calm.

Our aim

Our intention is to introduce simple-to-follow yoga to children. Kids yoga shouldn’t be difficult to do and via fun kids yoga books, children can learn to make yoga a part of a daily routine and start to experience the benefits of yoga for themselves.


As well as to teach new yoga postures, the aim of each story is to help kids understand happiness doesn’t have to be “purchased”, it can come from within and by simply enjoying the world around them.


Our principles

To make yoga fun. To make yoga relevant to children. To be an ethical business. To help less fortunate children.