A warm welcome to Ommie yoga and mindfulness for kids.

Teaching children yoga and mindfulness at an early age can help set them up for life.

If you want your children to embrace a healthy and mindful life, introducing them to yoga and meditation from an early age can be a great start. This is why we created Ommie, the lead character and common thread in all our kids yoga stories. Ommie takes children on magical adventures which are all based on mindfulness principles, as well as respect for others and our environment.


Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation for kids

If you share our goal to help introduce yoga and meditation into kids’ lives and for them to experience the positive benefits of yoga and mindfulness daily, then try our yoga storybooks and videos aimed at kids aged 3-8. In addition to teaching children yoga, the stories introduce them to calming yoga breathing, helping them to experience an inner peace and happiness – their Ommie Moment!

Feeling confident

Help your kids boost their confidence: Ommie’s A-Z Yoga and Mindfulness Cards offer a playful way for kids, aged 3+ to do yoga, to learn about themselves and to spark their imagination.

The yoga alphabet cards show beautiful illustrations of animals and easy to copy kids yoga poses, which is fun to do as a family activity. Further, the letter on each card can be used to spell a word such as ‘calm’, ‘kind’, ‘peaceful’ and many more to create a yoga sequence.

Engaging questions can be read out to encourage conversations around mindfulness. There are also fun facts about the animals!


Finding calm

Help your kids learn about active stillness: Ommie’s Journey into Calm aims to create some inner calm in kids’ lives through the positive benefits of yoga and specifically by focusing on deep breathing.

If you want to teach kids yoga and helping them learn about inner peace and self-soothing, this beautifully illustrated kids yoga book is for you. Furthermore, all yoga poses can be done in bed, making it a perfect bedtime storybook to help prepare kids for a restful sleep.

With this in mind, there is a soothing kids wave meditation at the end of the book, as well as a foldout yoga pose guide to explain the kids yoga poses in detail.


Staying focused

Help your kids learn how to improve concentration: If your goal is to get children to do yoga, boost their confidence and help them focus, Ommie and the Magical Garden is for you.

This imaginative kids yoga book offers a gentle introduction to yoga. It helps to boost kids’ confidence and helps them to improve focus in daily life, therefore making it a great teaching tool for parents, school teachers, children’s yoga teachers and health care professionals alike.

Additionally, there is a relaxing kids rainbow meditation, as well as a yoga poses manual at the end of the book explaining the yoga pose benefits in detail.


Daily Ommie yoga for kids moments

We’re super keen for children to enjoy their own Ommie Moments and want to share our fun storytelling ideas as well as showing them how to do simple yoga poses. Take a look at the videos we’ve uploaded so far. Lots more are on their way so watch this space!

Saying it with a T-shirt

Help spread positivity with a feel good T-shirt.

Walk the talk and spread some joy. Feel strong and embody your goal in one of these unique organic cotton yoga T-shirts.


Be inspired by wall art

Help boost confidence with affirmation posters.

Our posters are designed to cultivate positivity and to help improve kids’ self-esteem. Inspire and empower your kids with positive affirmation poster to focus on every day.


Soothing kids wave meditation

Help children understand happiness comes from within. When being in that happy calm moment, the world around us is a happier place too.

Our customers say:

Never seen children of that age so engaged!

The yoga poses really connect to the animal shapes, and the yoga moved the kids moved the kids from one to the next...
L. Keerbaum

(Wilderness Festival 2016)

Your book just works with kids. They loved it.

Your book just works with kids. They loved it and just followed the story in their own space copying and making up their....
April Crisanti

Adelaide Fringe Festival, Australia 2016

We loved it! Thank you.

Fantastic story and yoga time today at Wee Write! We loved it! Thank you. We couldn’t wait to get home to read the book again...
Pauline Shaw

(WeeWrite Festival Glasgow 2017)

It is a lovely introduction to yoga for children

Gorgeous introduction to yoga & meditation. This is a really special book, with simple yet beautiful illustrations. My boys loved spotting hidden creatures in the greenery, and trying...
Ali Madden

UK Amazon February 16, 2019