What is Ommie?

With some imaginative storytelling and a sprinkling of inspiration, children can enjoy all the benefits of yoga. Ommie offers a simple, fun and interactive way where children can enjoy a daily ‘Ommie moment’.

What makes Ommie so special?

The difference is how Sirkka, Ommie’s illustrator and writer, has created a a character who kids can relate and respond to. Through storytelling, several tried and tested yoga poses are introduced, alongside breathwork exercises, with the emphasis on making the learning fun!

With a deepening global crisis to deal with, why should we even be talking about Ommie?

Dealing with the increased stress levels caused by the corona virus is vital. And Yoga already has a proven track record of reducing stress and anxiety naturally. Ommie aims to introduce young children to the significant benefits yoga offers to all age groups, especially young children.

How can you get young children to understand Yoga and the benefits offered?

By making the exercise fun! Storytelling is already a part of children’s’ lives. By introducing Ommie into their reading time, there is an opportunity to show and discuss how yoga can be both fun and beneficial.

In practical terms, how will young children benefit?

Finding calm in stressful times is not just an adult’s prerogative. Children also need calm in their lives, especially during the current national crisis. By gently introducing yoga poses and breathing exercises, in a fun and creative way through storytelling, children will become more calm.

Is there any scientific research to prove that Yoga can work for young children?

There have been many studies carried out, mostly in the USA, where yoga and breathwork are introduced to young children. The results of this research show how children can respond better in school, concentrate more during class and show more compassion to each other when doing yoga as part of a daily routine.

Isn’t the image of yoga still seen as a bit weird and for mums to enjoy?

Once perhaps, but not anymore. Yoga is the fastest growing activity to improve people’s wellbeing. Anxiety caused by stress can be managed through yoga and by calming the central nervous system a more balanced and peaceful life is achieved. Why not try this with children?

Don’t you think the 3-8 year old age group are more interested in outdoor activity?

Absolutely, but with more and more families having to self-isolate and with almost all schools now closed, managing children’s energy levels indoors is going to be a challenge! Allowing yoga into their lives through the storytelling of Ommie can be just one way of dealing with the challenge.

How can I get more information on Ommie?

Check out the two books already published and available online at www.ommie.co.uk. There are also plans to introduce animation to storytelling with Ommie playing a starring role!